My Oldest Baby Turns 25 (view our Fun Pics)

Click to play Happy Birthday Frankie Pooh
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We had dinner at the local Japanese Steak House - the food was great and the time with all five of my babies was wonderful. {In the GROUP PHOTO} Frankie is the Birthday Boy (far left), he looks like a GQ Model, the beautiful blonde is his girlfriend (luv her) Thorin (21) is the gorgeous one on the left with a hat, Gabe is the cute little guy (10) Nick (19) is the handsome one on the right and our Little Princess is Meghan Rae (2) she is the most beautiful girl in the world and we all know it!!

Wow!, my babies are growing so fast and I love every minute of watching them grow and change; becoming the young people God created them to be. Thank you Lord for being their Guide, their Savior, their Protector and their Heavenly Father; a Father that can always be with them.

As parents we want to do everything for our childern but I have learned that God is who we can soley rely on, He will never fail us, He is always with us, He is an awesome and amazing God-He is God! Thank you Jesus!

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