I Want to Share this Digital Scrapbook Layout

Because as a Scrapbook Designer I am inspired to teach people how to preserve their memories. Digital Scrapbooking is an amazing way to use your computer to create treasured Books that will tell the stories of our lives!I have spent countless hours learning digital software and techniques along with having to purchase numerous hard drives to store my digital products and photos.














I want to share what I have discovered at Heritage Makers; an amazing and easy way to learn Digital Scrapbooking!

Heritage Makers offers a free account with Basic Art. You can upload your photos and create Scrapbook Pages, Storybooks and other fun products! You can also sign up for a Premier Account for a minimal monthly fee with access to unlimited Digital Papers, Embellishments and templates to make your projects simple, along with FREE online classes and a Personal Consultant that will assist you along the way.

All of this is offered without having to purchase and learn expensive software, and/or purchase external hard drives.

But what is more amazing than anything is the unlimited Personal Training and support that you receive as a member of Heritage Makers.

Sign up for your FREE account today! Learn To Go Digital!!


EMAIL  ME AT rp@cropandscrapdesigns.com

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